Monday, 29 September 2014

Dietrich's Way. What is it?

As you might have guessed, my name is not Dietrich and this blog is not usually about my way of doing things.

"Dietrich's Way" is the collective name for my forthcoming Fantasy Series. Part I being "The Broken Lance".

So, without giving too much away, for those who haven't read it as yet (Part I and II are available for kindle download HERE) here is a recap of what the book is about.

The world in which Dietrich (the protagonist) exists is vast and largely unexplored. Civilizations has risen and fallen and no one really knows what is actually lurking over the horizon. There are no maps detailing the many and varied cultures, knowledge of such people and places is spread through rumour.
The land is largely untamed. Villages and townships are carved out of vast, primordial forests. The spaces between the trees are inhabited by hostile creatures which delight in pain and misery.

Dietrich is faced with a set of consequences stemming from his own decisions many years before. As a result he becomes embroiled in a war he didn't know was being waged, a war in which his actions might be more important than he realises.